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Roadmap. Develop. Manufacture.



Roadmap your idea to a product

Before making any prototypes, we will make sure that we can identify a product architecture that will be cost effective in production. We validate the proposed approach with quick fast-fail prototypes that demonstrate that the concepts and technologies are not-only viable, but also can be packaged in a product as intended. During this stage we will provide:

  • System architecture schematic

  • Production COGs ball-park estimate

  • Fast-fail validation

  • Roadmap of prototype development



Bring your idea to life

Prototypes demonstrate a product's functionality and inform the industrial designers of key product criteria to design around. Progressing without these parameters risks designing an infeasible or cost-prohibitive product. Our new, in-house rapid prototyping technologies and proven methodology expedite this prototyping process while maximizing the learnings from each iteration. In this stage, we test and evaluate the prototype to determine these parameters for the industrial designers:

  • Key components and their placement
  • Required volume and weight

  • Part material and quality



Sell your idea to the world

With the more creative tasks completed, this phase focuses on the objective of onboarding the manufacturer. We engineer the internals of the files provided by the industrial designers to maximize quality and reduce cost while maintaining the aesthetic. We then build a "works-like looks-like" prototype to validate the final files and support the hand-off to the manufacturers by providing:

  • Quotation package with drawings

  • Supplier introductions (US + abroad)

  • Advice on supplier selection

  • Guidance on tooling strategy

  • Assistance with off-tool debugging

At what stage of the process are you? Let us know where we can help

Process: What We Do
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