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Thoughts on Podcasts

I was recently interviewed about podcasts and I couldn't help speak on one of my favorites, "Stuff You Should Know."


Hey Alex, Thanks for chatting with me today. Let’s kick this off with you telling me about your role at RKS?

I’m a Mechanical Engineer and I focus mostly on prototyping.

That’s so interesting, so when you’re not at work- what do you like to do?

I love to travel and just generally hanging out in the sun (hence why I love LA). Whether it’s surfing, just going to the beach or playing golf, I recharge best by getting sun-therapy.

What drew you to listening to podcasts, why do you like them?

I followed a few personalities that cover current events and sports and many started their own podcasts around 4-5 years ago. I started listening to them in my spare time and now that I’m out of school, they fit into my busy schedule better than other forms of content.

How did you find Stuff You Should Know? How does it keep you interested?

I love learning about new topics and getting a deeper understanding of cultural phenomena. The hosts tackle all sorts of different topics but explain everything in an easily digestible fashion and I enjoy their senses of humor (a must for any podcast).

That’s so interesting, Do you think others should listen to it? What do you think they can gain from it?

Absolutely would recommend it to anyone interested in learning about random events and topics that aren’t necessarily common knowledge. They have covered so many topics that it’s impossible to not find something that sparks your interest and makes you feel just a little bit smarter afterward  

Between golfing, surfing, and working when do you find time to listen to podcasts?

I mainly listen when I’m driving to/from work and on flights

How do you think your life has changed since listening to Stuff You Should Know?

I love learning about new things and it helps feed that craving. I guess that’s the same trait that drew me to a PD consultancy as well.

What are your thoughts on podcasts as a new medium of gathering information?

Podcasts fit everyone’s lifestyle. The busier you are, the more they make sense. You can enjoy them while doing almost any activity or errand. You can stop and start them at any time to fit them in any hectic day. I also think there is something more personal hearing someone instead of watching because you almost feel like you’re part of the conversation with them. You can also easily tune out for a moment to think deeper about what’s being discussed and form your own takeaways.

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